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AviAlliance Capital

AviAlliance Capital is a closed private investment company for the purpose of investing in airports worldwide.

The growing aviation market offers great investment opportunities for private investors. In the long term, investments in airports offer stable cash flows and attractive returns on investment (ROI). Even following a crisis, airports return to their former growth pattern in a timely manner. But the challenges involved are complex. Airports tie up large amounts of capital and successful management requires considerable operational know-how. This makes strong alliances imperative for all those who seek to shape the future of this market. Against this background, AviAlliance Capital provides its capital partners full asset life cycle management including such services as market research, origination, asset management and reporting. AviAlliance Capital areas of expertise include operational optimization, financing, M&A and restructuring.

As general partner, AviAlliance is also responsible for the active administration of the investment partnership. Since the mid-90s, AviAlliance has carved out a position for itself as one of the world's leading independent airport managers. AviAlliance places its experience in privatization procedures and the operational management of airports at the disposal of AviAlliance Capital.

By pooling these varied competencies, AviAlliance Capital aims both to increase the asset value of its present shareholdings and also to extend its portfolio. Together with AviAlliance, AviAlliance Capital participates in bidding procedures for airports, with the partners deciding jointly on the suitability of any specific project. The focus of interest is primarily on facilities which offer the right prerequisites for stable growth and good value enhancement.